Sound absorber, Noise absorber, Puffs, Silencer, …

There are at least as many names for the tendon silencers as there are colors and variants. But do the colorful Silencer on the bowstring really do anything?

Power loss due to Silencer?

Yes, but so little that it is measurable but not noticeable. Statistics say that you lose about 2% of the bow performance due to silencers. The effect on bow noise and the more pleasant shooting sensation, on the other hand, are individually noticeable and thus a real added value.

Measurements substantiate this feeling, as the benefits clearly outweigh the minimal loss of performance:

  • relaxed launch sound
  • swallow any tendon noise and reduce the bang of the tendon
  • dampen the vibrations of the tendon

The silencers are water repellent, quick and super easy to attach to the string and available in many colors to match the string and bow.

Conclusion: Silencer really do make for a whisper-quiet bow, with minimal loss of power!