Sustainable sheet production

Sustainability, resource conservation and environmental awareness are more than just buzzwords for us. Environmental protection is a special concern for us, so we are happy to make our contribution. Because our environment is close to our hearts!

Sustainability in sheetfed production

Conservation of resources is very important to us, so we do not process any tropical woods! Only wood from sustainable cultivation is used in the production of Antur bows. In this way, we conserve the natural resources of the rainforest. By purchasing regionally, we also ensure maximum CO2 savings – for example, by keeping transport distances as short as possible.

Waste recycling

Waste avoidance is our top priority. Where waste cannot be avoided, we separate it carefully. By separating and recycling waste into paper, plastic and residual waste, we conserve our raw materials. Paper in particular is an important factor in our society in terms of the future of our forests, because a lot of energy is required for paper production. That’s why we recycle!

For product packaging, we say: Goodbye plastic!

Wherever possible, we eliminate plastic from the packaging of our sheets and replace it with packaging made of paper, cardboard or fleece, for example. Antur sheets are packaged in flow wraps that are highly efficient in protecting against damage from impact or unwanted contact with other objects. We do not use bubble wrap for shipping and instead use recycled, i.e. environmentally friendly, packing paper. The Antur packages are taped with a paper tape.

Repair instead of throwing away

Even with us, something gets broken from time to time. With a little craftsmanship, many things that seem broken at first glance can be brought back to shape. Inspired by the increasingly popular repair cafés, we have taken up the cause of “repairing instead of throwing away”.

For the sake of our environment!