The way is further than the goal

Antur transforms the most resistant natural materials into something new with modern technology and delicate handwork, avoiding the use of tropical woods.

Antur pays special attention to sustainability in bow production, which is why no tropical woods are used, but only so-called precious wood imitations. An advantage of Recplica Woods is that there are no price fluctuations while the quality remains the same, whereas precious woods have increased in price tenfold.

We classically use glass laminate, carbon and engineered woods in bow making, with limbs made from CNC taped solid bamboo laminates. This improves symmetry, because the more precise a bow is in manufacture, the better the power transmission to the tendons.

Bamboo – fast growing raw material for durable bows

Bamboo has absolutely convinced as a basic material for bow production. The “wood” is hard and durable, at the same time light and flexible. Absolutely perfect for our bows. The bamboo solid limbs with carbon core give our longbows maximum effectiveness and the ergonomically shaped grip piece fits perfectly in the hand.

Actionwood provides an individual design

To bring color into the life of Antur bows, we decided to use colored veneers, so-called Actionwood. Made from solid birch veneers, these veneers are dyed before being glued together and then pressed into a powerful block. These woods come from 100% European and sustainable forestry!

Comprehensive service for more archery fun

Until Antur began to produce, the amateur and professional shooter had to wait between 2 and 8 months even for standard bows. Clearly too long. Antur was already able to impressively reduce waiting times with its first own model “Madoc & Euron”. Today, Antur bows are in stock in almost all draw weights and are therefore promptly available.

2 years warranty on Antur bows

Our voluntary warranty goes beyond the legal warranty and guarantees the bow owner maximum safety for his Antur bow. Of course, even beyond this 2-year warranty, Antur Archery always strives to find a customer-oriented solution in case of need. This way, Antur customers are always on the safe side!