How important is good care for bow and string?

If you take good care of your equipment, you will enjoy it for a long time

Antur bows are finished with a Bow Protect oil that gives the bow a silky smooth finish. In addition to the visual aspect, the oil also provides protection against moisture and makes small scratches in the wood disappear.

Bow & Arrow Protect Oil

The main argument for regular bow care when talking to your customers is protection from moisture. The oil closes the wood and protects it from too much moisture as well as from drying out, which causes unsightly cracks in the wood. Our ecological wood preservative oil is breathable and thus perfectly protects the wood. We recommend oiling the bow 2-3 times a year with regular use.

Tendon wax

Regular care with tendon wax prolongs the durability and life of the tendon and prevents drying out and fraying. Antur natural-based string wax is suitable for compound, recurve and longbows. To keep the tendon supple, it should also be maintained with tendon wax 2-3 times a year.