5 tips for your successful archery training

Tip 1: Choose the right draw weight

Especially for hobby shooters and beginners – less is more! If you want to learn or refine the right technique, you are well advised to choose a moderate draw weight. If you start too ambitiously with too high a pull weight, the first shots will usually still go well, but as soon as the strength starts to weaken and the trembling begins, the training will no longer have the desired effect. Experts refer to this as “practice lameness,” which not only makes it impossible to execute a technically perfect shot, but also takes the joy out of archery. Therefore, it is important to seek the advice of an experienced trainer.

Tip 2: Good feedback ensures good training progress

Trusting the trainer and getting feedback often ensures training success in the long run. A good trainer is not only valuable for beginners. If you are willing to take training cues and implement technique corrections through consistent training, you are well on your way to perfecting your technique. If there is no coach in the club, you can ask an experienced shooter for his feedback on your own shooting technique. Those who master the technique well can begin to develop their personal/individual shooting style.

Tip 3: Shoot at targets without support

Full concentration on the technically correct execution of the shot allows practicing without target rest. If you want to train the shooting process, it is best to use the empty target for this purpose, which only serves as an arrow catcher. If the technique is right, aiming and hitting later almost succeeds by itself.

Tip 4: Train for short distances

Short distances are helpful for learning the shooting technique as well as optimizing the movement sequence. As a rule, a distance of 5 meters is sufficient to train the shooting technique. The professionals also regularly train in this way.

Tip 5: Class instead of mass

It’s the quantity that counts: A common misjudgement with consequences. The goal of a good training session is to focus on each shot and not shoot as many arrows as possible. The human brain stores every single shot, whether it was good or bad. Therefore, it is better to train with only ten shots in perfect technical execution than to shoot wildly.

Good luck with your training!