Determine glove size

Determining the glove size for your optimal fitting shooting glove is as simple as that.

All you need is a tape measure and your own hand. To determine the circumference of the hand, simply wrap the tape measure once around the widest part of the hand and thus measure the circumference. The tape measure should fit loosely and in no way be elastic.

Once you have determined the hand circumference in cm, you can easily read the corresponding glove size in this table:

Antur Order size Hand circumference in cm
XXS ca. 15
XS ca. 17
S ca. 19
M ca. 22
L ca. 24
XL ca. 27

Antur Tip

Right-handers should always measure the right hand, left-handers the left. One glove size is equal to 2.7 cm. This way you can easily calculate larger or smaller sizes that may not appear in the table.